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Solar & Wind

Solar & Wind energy are environmental and conservation friendly resources, which effectively reduce emissions. No other energy can be as environmentally friendly.

These are natural resources, and as such do not pollute the air when being converted into electricity. Solar & Wind energy systems signifi cantly contribute to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and provide a clean and green environment for future generations.

Does not generate any waste or pollution

Each year over 1 billion terawatt hours of solar irradiation arrive on Earth. This corresponds to about 60,000 times of the world’s current electricity demand. Thus, solar power has the biggest potential of all renewable energies.


Benefits of Solar power plants:

Power from the sun is clean, silent, limitless and free

The photovoltaic process releases no CO2, SO2 or NO2 gases, which are normally associated with burning finite fossil fuel reserves, and doesn‘t contribute to global warming

The photovoltaic process is now a proven technology which is inherently safe as opposed to other fossil fuel based electricity generating technologies

No fuel is required for generation, so the fuel cost of power generation is zero

Solar power shall augment the needs of peak power needs

Increase the grid reliability i.e., voltage and frequency

Solar Powered Grid Connect Plants can act as tail end energizers, which in turn reduces transmission and distribution losses

Provides a potential revenue source in a diverse energy portfolio

Assists in meeting renewable portfolio standards goals

Generation of electricity from Solar Pv is totally free from Green House Gas emission