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Lac Thinh Beer Brewery


The “Czech Beer Brewery“ will be part of the industrial zone at Lac Thinh in Hoa Binh province near Hanoi. The technology will be based on the brewing of Czech beer, bottom fermented lager. The planned construction period is 18 months with an expected launch date in 2017. With an annual production of 1,9 million hectoliters of beer, the brewery will be among the largest in Vietnam.

Company:                                          CZECH BEER BREWERY CO., Ltd

Location:                                            Lac Thin Industrial Park, Yen Thuy District, Hoa Binh Province

Total investments:                            94.000.000 EUR

Year beer production:                       1,9 mil hl.

Number of employees:                    approx.. 500 persons

Used area:                                          40 ha