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Health & Safety

The ongoing interest of the senior management team of BTG SLOVAKIA is to maintain its leading position among the competition in its care for health and safety at work, and thus promote the good reputation of the Company.

In relation to this matter, the management of BTG Slovakia a.s. adopted a health and safety at work policy that is linked to the Company’s long-term business plan. In accordance with the Company’s strategic plan and the permanent improvement of all activities within the integrated management system, we commit ourselves to the following:

Based on regular re-assessment of risks, to minimize accidents at work.

To increase operational safety and to place an emphasis on the work environment safety when introducing new technologies, modernisations and repairs.

To make employees at all levels interested in the process of the systematic improvement of the state of health and safety at work.

To ensure adequate financial means for carrying out measures to systematically improve the state of health and safety at work.

To ensure the permanent increase in the education and qualification of employees in the field of health and safety at work.

To provide employees with above-standard opportunities for relaxation and rest.

BTG SLOVAKIA certificates


STN EN ISO 14001

OHSAS 18001