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Environmental Protection

The Company’s operational & environmental protection are subject to continues improvement with the aim of minimalizing direct or indirect environmental impact, the quality of life, recourses and protecting the diversity in an ecologically, economically and socially sustainable way.

The GROUP management is fully aware of its responsibility in the protection and creation of the environment, the quality of which directly or indirectly influences the quality of life of present as well as future generations. In accordance with the Company’s strategic plan following the permanent improvement of all activities within the integrated management system, we commit ourselves to the following:

To maintain and develop the system of environmental management founded on the requirements of the ISO 14001 standard, taking into account environmental legal regulations valid in the SR and other environmental requirements adopted by the Company.

By means of active prevention and systematic process improvement, to minimize the negative impact of provided services on the surroundings and work environment.

To take into consideration environmental aspects during purchasing entry materials, materials, energy and services as well as when applying new processes and technologies.

To increase the environmental awareness of all employees.