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Combined cycle Power Plants

Turn-key delivery of Simple cycle and Combined cycle gas turbine power plants BTG’s Combined Cycle Power Plants are composed of a gas turbine cycle and a steam turbine cycle, to recover the heat power of the fuel, for efficient electrical energy production.

Combined cycle power plant layout


Gas turbine generator unit


BTG Combined Cycle Power Plant solutions allows peculiar advantages in fuel economization, a large range of flexibility strategies for power production, an optimization of the whole plant efficiency and a limited environmental impact.

BTG use all major plant components such as generators, steam and gas turbines, and other plant components such as HRSGs, condensers and plant auxiliaries that are purchased from selected suppliers or our own design and production.

Delivery and project realization with all type of gas turbines:

Aeroderivative gas turbines, Heavy duty gas turbines

Variable fuel: Natural gas, diesel, heavy fuel oil (HFO)…

Up to 500 MWe of plant power output

Steam turbine connection in the combined cycle power plant

BTG projects always use modern and efficient condensing steam turbines delivered as a complete solution in the machine hall with all mechanical, electrical and control accessories.

Heavy duty gas turbine Siemens SGT -800

turbine siemens

Heavy duty gas turbine Siemens SGT -800

Heat Recovery steam generator (HRSG ) – BTG’s own calculation , design and manufacturing

The heat recovery steam generator is a heat exchanger that recovers heat from a hot gas stream. It produces steam that can be used in a process or used to drive a steam turbine.

Efficiency of the combined cycle

power plant in comparison with

Simple cycle power plant increases

From approx. 37% up to 47–48%

(energy use to electric generation).